A Homage to Dartington

Performing Site | Practicing Space

An investigation of the use of landscape as choreographic resource.

A visual performance installation by Beatrice Jarvis

Performers: Beatrice Jarvis, Rebecca Camilleri, Sheri Burt, Christine Borch

Score: Benjamin Bailey

With special thanks to Seng Jariangroj


To consider active perception as a means to fully engage with the nature of space; with no expectation yet a moment of gratitude for the science of being. The role of the viewer to construct a frame work in which to construct a logic or non logic for an occurring action or non action.

The body is used by the performer as tool to highlight and explore the landscape; curating the form and emotion of the land through the diversity of the body. This performance explores notions and contexts the body become a mirror and a reflection of the landscape of the environment to espouse notions of the emotional and psychological impact of landscape of the body both internal and external. This performance seeks to cultivate the conditions for the audience to encounter a form of experience that defies classification or explanation of human behavioural form; an encounter with a new mode of perception that allows a lightness and new sensibility to the existence of the body in space and time.

A slow walk that allows the body to become accustomed to space. The sensation of air touching every surface of the body. A motion of weight and certainty as to wear it falls and rises, the sensation of texture of the surface of which the foot encroaches. A determination in stride; a focus both internal and external that allows rhythm to be noted and forgotten, the memory of the last step does not consume.

Exploring the landscape of Dartington Gardens and Grounds; this performance explores and develops a movement vocabulary which is derived from the landscape as resource. Using the forms, contours, emotions and cycles of the landscape of Dartington, this performance strives to materialise a landscape through performance of between the body and landscape exploring how far the body can embody emotional sentiment through non linear counter intuitive dialogue; developing, through visualisation, a space that allows for any potential; with no boundary or limitation

Suspension of all activity; pause from life; momentary death; deprivation of all life and sensation as a search for a non existent void which cannot exist within life force. A pulse which gathers force and will not allow such sensation to exist. Admit defeat from such quest and allow action.


Choreographed by Beatrice Jarvis

Beatrice is an urban space creative facilitator, choreographer and researcher Her practice based research focuses on the connections between choreography and urban cultures developing heightened socio-cultural responses to the urban realm.. She is a visiting lecturer at various town planning and architecture departments in London (LSBU & AAIS) developing a platform for the conceptual and physical integration of urban planning, sociology and choreography. Beatrice is currently affiliated by Arts and Humanities Research Council to Centre of Community and Urban Research, Goldsmiths. Graduating from Dartington College in 2008; with placement at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” Berlin, her practice fuses curation, exhibition design, performance and seminar organization supported by dynamic experience of the professional art world; including Jerwood Space, Chisenhale, Sprovieri Gallery, T1+2, Sussex Arts Marketing and Sadlers Wells. Beatrice has exhibited and performed widely in Europe and the UK.
E: urbanresearchforum@googlemail.com
B: beatrice.jarvis@wordpress.com

With collaboration and intervention by

Rebecca Camilleri

Rebecca Camilleri experienced strict academic training in a conservative small island during the first 20 years of her life. When she discovered Dartington College of Arts, she chose to study Choreography with Visual Art Practices. During these three years she also participated in an exchange project at Hochschule fur Schauspielkunst ‘Ernst Busch’ in Berlin. These contrasting experiences have made an important shift in her artistic language. This artistic development was an important stepping stone to the creation of the artist collective rubberbodies; a multi-disciplinary artist collective based in Malta.

Sheri Burt

Born in Jersey, Channel Islands, Sheri trained at local dance schools before going on to train at The Arts Educational School, Tring on the Professional Dance Course. Sheri is now in her second year of BA (Hons) Choreography at Dartington College of Arts, and since commencing this program, is curious to investigate movement and performance research based on improvisation, contact improvisation and release technique. About to commence a summer improvisation course with Katie Duck, Sheri is beginning her enquiries into placing improvisation within diverse contexts.

Christine Borch

Christine has been studying physical theatre and Fine Art in Denmark before deciding to move to England to study a BA (Hons) Choreography at Dartington College of Arts. As part of this degree she has been taking a one year exchange at the MA choreography department at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst ‘Ernst Busch’, Berlin. Currently she is cooperating with Anja Steglich on a three year research project „Storytelling and Landscape Choreography as strategies of landscape perception“, coordinated by the Technical University (TU) Berlin, Department for Landscape Planning and funded by the German Research Society/ Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). Christine will be responsible for artistic co-operations and experimental lecturing between strategies of landscape perception, choreography and landscape planning. Since 2008 she has been studying with dancer and choreographer Min Tanaka in Japan and will be going back to Japan this summer to continue the research under the working title “For the body and for the environment”.
Beside from this she works and do research at ‘Schwelle7’ a venue for contemporary dance in Berlin run by dancer and choreographer Felix Ruckert.

Documentation of performance:

The performance took place around the grounds of Dartington College of Arts. Each performer selected a location and performed the score in a location of their choice and the audience were guided around the four locations:

Location One: Rebecca Camilleri

Location two: Sheri Burt

location three:Christine Borch

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